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Our second, statutory consultation ran from 12 September 2022 to 10 November 2022.

At this consultation we presented updated proposals, including refined preliminary order limits, within which we identified an indicative pipeline centre line, potential HAGI and BVI sites, and areas we’ll temporarily need for access and construction.

The updated plans we presented were influenced by the feedback we received during our first consultation earlier in 2022, as well as technical, engineering and environmental work.

Visit the Knowledge Hub on our project website to access documents from this stage of consultation in full. This includes the Preliminary Environmental Information Report (PEIR) – a technical document setting out any potential environmental, social and economic effects in detail.

Since this consultation, we have completed a range of environmental surveys and assessments to support the routing of the hydrogen pipeline and will continue to build on this information throughout 2024.

We will also take this opportunity to further progress our stakeholder and landowner discussions, ahead of a further stage of formal public consultation. The timings for our consultation will be confirmed in due course and you will be notified of these.

Interactive map (under review)

Interactive map

This map shows an overview of the proposals we presented at our second, statutory consultation – the area where our pipeline will be routed and temporary construction areas located, as well as potential Hydrogen Above Ground Installation (HAGI) and Block Valve Installation (BVI) locations.

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The HyNet North West Hydrogen Pipeline is essential to unlocking the benefits and ambitions of HyNet North West.

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