The HyNet North West Hydrogen Pipeline will help unlock an energy revolution to decarbonise the North West.

The HyNet North West Hydrogen Pipeline will be the UK’s first 100 per cent hydrogen pipeline network at scale. It is essential to unlocking the benefits and ambitions of the HyNet North West programme and achieving the UK’s net zero by 2050 target.

Cadent’s HyNet North West Hydrogen Pipeline will deliver the infrastructure needed to provide 100 per cent low carbon hydrogen to industry, and provide connections into the wider gas network to allow for potential blended hydrogen to power homes across the region. The hydrogen pipeline is central to realising the benefits of the HyNet North West low carbon cluster.

The pipeline will be underground, although we will need ten Hydrogen Above Ground Installations (HAGIs) at various locations along the route.

In parallel with the construction of Vertex Hydrogen’s Hydrogen Production Plant, we anticipate starting construction on the first section of the hydrogen pipeline from 2025, subject to obtaining planning consent.

At our second, statutory consultation for Cadent’s HyNet North West Hydrogen Pipeline project, which completed in November 2022, we presented:

  • Preliminary order limits
  • Pipeline route options and an indicative pipeline centre line
  • Hydrogen Above Ground Installation (HAGI) and Block Valve Installation (BVI) locations/options

We are currently carrying out work to finalise the design of the Project based on the feedback we received during public consultations, as well as further technical, environmental and engineering work.

This work has identified points along the pipeline route where we are proposing to make changes, which we believe can help to improve the overall design of the Project.

We plan to present and encourage people’s feedback on these proposed changes during a further stage of consultation later this year. It is likely that this will be focused on specific locations where we are looking to make changes to the original route we consulted on in Autumn 2022.

This additional consultation means we are rescheduling our Development Consent Order submission date. Previously, we were aiming to submit our application in Spring 2023. This is now likely to be Autumn 2023.

Once we have submitted our application, the Planning Inspectorate will examine our proposals and prepare a report for the Secretary of State for the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero, who will make the final decision on our application. We expect this decision in late 2024.

Our proposals

At our second, statutory consultation we presented preliminary order limits, an indicative pipeline centre line, pipeline route options and potential Hydrogen Above Ground Installation (HAGI) and Block Valve Installation (BVI) locations.

We are now analysing feedback, carrying out lots more technical, engineering and environmental work, as well as continuing to engage key stakeholders – all with the aim of developing a final design which we’ll submit to the Planning Inspectorate for consideration.

View how our proposals have developed

Interactive map (under review)

Interactive map

This map shows an overview of the proposals we presented at our second, statutory consultation – the area where our pipeline will be routed and temporary construction areas located, as well as potential Hydrogen Above Ground Installation (HAGI) and Block Valve Installation (BVI) locations.

See map

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What is HyNet North West?

HyNet North West is a ground-breaking decarbonisation cluster managed by Progressive Energy. It will unlock a low carbon economy for the North West of England and North Wales, placing the region at the forefront of the UK’s drive to net zero and wider energy security aims.

HyNet North West will produce, store and distribute hydrogen as well as capture and store carbon from industry in the North West of England and North Wales. It will use state-of-the art technology to build new infrastructure, while also upgrading and reusing existing infrastructure, which is currently involved in fossil fuel production.

While ambitious, delivery of HyNet North West meets the major challenges of reducing carbon dioxide emissions. The infrastructure has been designed to remove carbon emissions quickly, helping the region and the UK to meet its net zero targets by 2050.

Cadent’s HyNet North West Hydrogen Pipeline will play a vital role by delivering low carbon hydrogen to industrial customers across the region.

In addition to the HyNet North West Hydrogen Pipeline, the wider HyNet North West programme includes:

  • Hydrogen Production Plant at the Stanlow Manufacturing Complex – developed by Vertex Hydrogen
  • Hydrogen storage at Northwich – developed by INOVYN
  • Carbon dioxide pipeline – developed by Liverpool Bay CCS Ltd

Visit www.hynet.co.uk for more information about the benefits of HyNet North West.

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