Update – 2 May 2023

Northwich Spur removed from Development Consent Order (DCO) application

At our second, statutory consultation for Cadent’s HyNet North West Hydrogen Pipeline project, which completed in November 2022, we presented preliminary order limits and pipeline route options for the Project.

This included our proposals for spurs, which are smaller pipelines that act as a connection point to transport hydrogen to industrial customers. Spurs provide an important connection point to deliver hydrogen to industry, helping to unlock a low carbon economy and achieve the UK’s net zero by 2050 target.

We are currently carrying out work to finalise the design of the Project based on the feedback we received during public consultation, as well as further technical, environmental and engineering work.

As part of this work it has proved necessary to further review the design and route of the Northwich Spur. The Northwich Spur is required to connect to one major industrial customer, TATA Chemicals Europe (TCE). As a result of this review, the Spur will not be taken forward as part of the Development Consent Order (DCO) application and will be consented separately.

The Northwich Spur was presented during statutory consultation as starting at the Central Hub Hydrogen Above Ground Installation (HAGI) and running approximately seven kilometres (4.3 miles) south east connecting to TCE. TCE is considered a key participant in the Project and has signed Heads of Terms with Vertex Hydrogen for a 200 MW supply of hydrogen. An overview map of the proposed route of the Northwich Spur, shown during the statutory consultation, can be viewed below:

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We have further work to develop and consider a preferred design and route for the Northwich Spur, given the identified level of demand. Routing work and environmental assessments for the Spur will run in parallel to the DCO application, allowing us to collaborate further with TCE and carry out additional design and routing work.

It is planned that the connection to TCE will be consented separately to the DCO application. The type of application and our timescale for submission has not yet been finalised. However, its intended that the Spur will be operational at the same time as the main DCO pipeline network (HyNet North West Hydrogen Pipeline). The Section 35 Direction dated 5 July 2022, provided by the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, recognised that there are alternative consenting routes for the spurs, including the Northwich Spur.

The remaining spurs will be included in the DCO application, including Warrington, Runcorn and St Helens.

Other changes to finalise the Project, including updated Order Limits, HAGI and Block Valve Installations (BVIs) locations and areas to be used for construction and access, will be presented at a further stage of consultation later this year. It is likely that this consultation will be focused on specific locations where we are looking to make small changes to the original route we consulted on in Autumn 2022.

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Interactive map (under review)

This map shows an overview of the proposals we presented at our second, statutory consultation – the area where our pipeline will be routed and temporary construction areas located, as well as potential Hydrogen Above Ground Installation (HAGI) and Block Valve Installation (BVI) locations.

Please note that this map shows the Northwich Spur, which has now been removed from the Development Consent Order. You can read an update about the removal of the Northwich spur here.

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