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About Cadent and its hydrogen projects

Cadent is the UK’s largest gas distribution network, managing a network of more than 80,000 miles of pipelines, most of which are underground.

These pipelines transport gas to 11 million customers throughout the North West, West Midlands, East Midlands, South Yorkshire, East of England and North London.

Cadent is the company responsible for developing the HyNet North West Hydrogen Pipeline.

The delivery of net zero by 2050 requires an unprecedented amount of change and investment alongside collaboration. Cadent is committing as a business to rising to that challenge. This means moving towards low carbon energy like hydrogen.

Our ambition is to make hydrogen a safe, fair and reliable choice for consumers.

Cadent is working in clusters and partnerships focused on power generation, blending gas, industrial power and decarbonising heavy industry.

Cadent is looking at ways in which it can help ensure energy security for the north west and has published a Hydrogen Ten Point Plan which describes its decarbonisation journey. Visit www.cadentgas.com/tenpointplan to read Cadent’s Ten Point Plan in full.

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About HyNet North West

HyNet North West, managed by Progressive Energy, is the UK’s leading industrial decarbonisation cluster. It is being developed by a consortium of world-leading organisations, placing the region at the forefront of the UK’s drive to net zero and wider energy security aims.

HyNet North West will produce, store and distribute hydrogen as well as capture and store carbon from industry in the North West of England and North Wales. It will use state-of-the-art technology to build new infrastructure, while also upgrading and reusing existing infrastructure which is currently involved in fossil fuel production.

This game-changing project has the potential to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by 10 million tonnes every year by 2030 – the equivalent of taking four million cars off the road. HyNet North West will create and maintain thousands of local jobs, as well as enable long-term sustainability for businesses and financial security for communities across the region.

While Cadent’s HyNet North West Hydrogen Pipeline forms part of the wider HyNet North West programme, it is being developed as a standalone project and requires its own Development Consent Order (DCO). It is separate to the Hydrogen Production Plant, the hydrogen storage facilities at Northwich and the carbon dioxide pipeline and offshore storage project.

Click here to find out more information about HyNet North West, the UK’s leading industrial decarbonisation project managed by Progressive Energy.

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