Update – 20 July 2023

Planning Inspectorate’s Early Adopter Programme

We’re pleased to say that we will be taking part in the Planning Inspectorate’s Early Adopter Programme, which is a trial being undertaken to speed up the Development Consent Order (DCO) examination process. Seven other Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects are also taking part.

The Early Adopter Programme has been established to trial a number of document templates and processes with the aim of increasing the efficiency of a future, enhanced pre-application service for DCO applications, which will be provided by the Planning Inspectorate.

We are notifying statutory consultees of our involvement in this trial as it may affect the processes that they will need to undertake prior to and following the submission of our DCO application. Cadent has opted to trial the following activities:

  • A template for an application and examination focused Issues Tracker.
  • The use of Principal Areas of Disagreement Summary Statements (PADSS) with its consultees, which will be consultee led.
  • A template Construction Environmental Management Plan (CEMP).

Cadent is also required to provide and maintain a programme on its project website and this can be found below.

Please visit the Planning Inspectorate website, using this link here for more information about the Early Adopter Programme.

Involvement in this trial is on a voluntary basis and is non-statutory. The adherence to or production of any of the trial elements is without prejudice to any decision about whether to accept the application for examination which is subject to separate statutory tests under section 55 of the Planning Act 2008.

Updated project programme

Phase Expected Date
Non statutory consultation Completed
Design updated Completed
Non-statutory consultation report Completed
Statutory consultation Completed
Design updates Spring to Summer 2023
Statutory Consultation Report To be published Autumn 2023
Environmental and engineering surveys Ongoing
Targeted consultation Late Autumn 2023
Design changes Winter 23/24
Final Consultation Report Drafting Winter 23/24
DCO Draft documents to PINS for review Winter 23/24
Environmental Statement Preparation Autumn-Winter 23/24
DCO application document preparation Autumn-Winter 23/24
Statements of Common Ground/PADSS Ongoing
Protective provisions Ongoing
Land agreements Ongoing
DCO application submission End of March 2024
Expected acceptance End of April 2024
Expected examination PINS to provide details (2024 to 2025)
Pipeline construction contractor appointed 2024
Expected construction 2025 to 2027
Expected operation 2027 to 2028

Cadent will seek to gain programme efficiencies where possible. The programme will be updated each month, as required

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